How People Meet

  • We simplify your Student Life: Get together with your friends & meet new people quick and simple!

    You want to do something spontaneous but you don`t know who has time to join you? Here comes KeyWe to help you out.

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  • 1st Step: WHAT, WHERE & WHEN

    Choose WHAT you wanna do, WHERE you wanna go & WHEN you wanna do it.

  • 2nd Step: Select, whether you would like to do something with friends or with new people & publish it.

    Choose between your Facebook friends, the contacts from your adress book or make a request to the KeyWe community to meet new people.

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  • 3rd Step: Chat to discuss the details of your meeting.

    Anything else to specify or clear up or just wanna be able to stay in touch? - use our chat-function. It's as simple as that!

It’s very easy to be different


    Simplify your ervery day communication with KeyWe.


    Always keep posted on what is going on around you. Who would you like to join, what would you like to do?


    Exchange experiences with other students and build up a network at University.


    KeyWe was built by students for students.

Download KeyWe to simplify your student life.

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  • Our Story

    KeyWe has been developed out of the reason that until today, there is no single social tool which is designed for students only. Sure, we all know Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Co., but it is difficult to reach the target persons without joining countless groups and still be able to reach people from different age- and interest groups.
    KeyWe revolutionizes the way to fix a date and the organization at Universities. KeyWe connects young people like no tool ever did.
    How cool is it to meet people from your University, outside your own faculty, your class, your seminar, your regular circle of friends or even across different Universities. Arrange your appointments on KeyWe: to do sports, to have lunch or to go to the movies at night. Or organize your leisure time with existing friends easily and without having to create WhatsApp groups for every meetUp and having to discuss back and forth for every detail. KeyWe is a tool from students for students and addresses a common pain!
    Get to know new young people, keep posted on what is going on around you and become a part of the KeyWe-community!
    At Universities you get to meet people and friends for life - KeyWe helps you to do so!

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