Keywe's pep's

Welcome to the heart of an innovative agency that offers solutions accessible to all

We consider that each client is unique and we are committed to finding the right solution for them. Whether you are looking to invest your savings, develop an investment strategy or achieve the dream of your life, we offer customized services focused on your expectations and needs.

We support you at every step of your project with kindness and enthusiasm.

An agency founded by Sandra and Yannick, a complementary duo

Starting its activities in the fall of 2021, Keywe is like its founders, Sandra and Yannick, who have skills and values ​​that fit together perfectly. They want their clients to benefit from their complementary skills.

Sandra has a solid experience in the field of real estate, supported by a federal patent in the sector.

Yannick can count on an extensive network and extensive management skills, which describes him: Every problem has its solution !

The two partners fully agree on their vision of real estate: solution adapted to each client, attention to detail, transparency, anchoring in the regional economic fabric are some of the qualities they wish to promote within Keywe.

As for their corporate culture, it can be summed up as follows: "A happy employee is a powerful interlocutor for the customer." It is also for this reason that it is important to them to offer an attractive working environment that gives pride of place to human and authentic relationships, where each and everyone feels good and finds their place. In the end, you win !

And it is natural that these values ​​also guide them in the choice of the members of the Keywe team.

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Sandra Rouiller & Yannick Buttet - Co-founders of the Keywe agency

Our team

Professional and result-oriented, our employees approach real estate brokerage by placing the client's needs at the center of their efforts.

Based in Valais, the agency can count on a solid network and offers a human approach to real estate sales. Our team is made up of well-established personalities in each region of Valais and Chablais.

Keywe is a dynamic cocktail at your service !
Through effective communication and personalized and transparent services, every step is taken to guarantee your satisfaction.

Yannick Buttet

Yannick, solution and network oriented

Sandra Rouiller

Sandra, the real estate pro

Alexandre Coupin

Alexandre, the man of the field

David Gomes

David, im herzen der aktion

Merita Nobile

Merita, reactive and determined

Yvan Bovio

Yvan, the pragmatic

Stéphanie Ferrary

Stephanie, the energy of passion

Mouloud Mekaoui

Mouloud, the contact man

Mauranne Clavien

Mauranne, versatility at the service of quality

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